以下是SS的原话来介绍上图的开发人员Pavel Myreev aka,也就是论坛中的“Zlobny”,欧服的玩家可能对他的这个昵称比较熟悉。对了,他就是主要负责超测服的那个幕后boss。对了以下内容由于SS不是数学家或者物理学家,因此很多术语或者什么的,如有错误,求大家纠正,因为不懂。。。


  SS: Pavel Myreev aka "Zlobny" is one of the WoT developers. His nickname might be familiar to the European supertesters - he is leading the supertest program as far as I know. The translation - as always - is at some points redacted for better comprehension in English. Also, I am neither physicist, nor mathematician, so I hope I don't get the English mathematics terms wrong. If I do, feel free to correct me. First, a bit of background though.

  There was another post (which the developer is referring to) - that "another post" is basically the translation of what was published in English - you know, that "leaked" post, that appeared on saturday night or something. I recommend to all of you to read it (if you haven't already), so you know what Zlobny is talking about.


  Well, here goes:

  Currently I am working on the British artillery.


  First I want to say that there is no need to write a lot of questions - think first and ask later - I am not a community moderator or producer, I have to work.


  1) Standard deviation limit 精度机制改革始末

  - how it was and why Limiting the aim spread to 1,3 standard deviations before 8.6 (SS: explained here) had, in my opinion, very bad influence on gameplay in general. The principles are generally known I think. When the management decided to change it, I started to think about possible variants of implementing this.

  Unfortunately, the first variants were very raw and presumed an "accuracy nerf" of all the vehicles in the game. I was still inclining to the 3-sigma limit variant and not even meetings with Michale Zhivets (Storm) and Maksim Bladyko (chief server programmer for World of Tanks) convinced me otherwise. But in the morning before a very important meeting on this topic in Minsk, I went for a walk and as it happens, it wasn't in vain. It became clear to me that the 3-sigma limit has several significant weakenesses, apart from the increased spread distribution for all the vehicles in game:

  - since the difference between 2-sigma and 3-sigma is only 2,14 percent, there will be mods made immediately depicting the aim circle as 2-sigma. After all - why wait for the fully accurate aim circle from 3-sigma and give the enemy more time to cope with you, when the difference between 3-sigma and 2-sigma is so small?

  - the distribution will still focus on the center and the accuracy nerf, which I assumed to implement until that morning, won't suffice. If Storm went to the meeting with that solution, it would result in a fail (and bad karma for me).

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