So I called Storm in panic and told him that our solution sucks. But - as it often happens - the second I said it, another solution came to me by itself.

  When considering shooting in our game, the difference between 1,3-sigma and 2-sigma is not all that great and - connected with a camo factor change it might not be even spotted by our players, because the effective battle distance will increase (more on that further on). The solution to fix it with one more sigma (between 2 and 3) came by itself from the previous meetings with Maksim and Misha (Storm).

  But some players (SS: arty players) won't have their effective battle distance increased, so these players had to recieve a spread radius modifier. The value of this modifier was discussed by us and Dmitry Dragunov (aka Marschig), who represented the arty players' interests. After the supertest testing, I still think that 50 percent represent a rather small buff (!) of accuracy for arties. On the nerf of arty I will post further.

  SS: at this point there is a table posted in the original post. What it means is percentual chance for a shell to drop inside the aim circle (within its borders, not ON the borders or outside them (which gets "normalized") to drop on the borders):


  SS: the meaning of this table is - first column are the parts of the aiming circle, with the last line being its border. Other columns are: Old system (how it is now), 2-sigma and New system (0.8.6+). In other words, right now, you have a 19,36 percent chance of the shell going on the borders of your aim circle, in the new system, you will have only 0,27 percent chance of aiming for the aim circle edges. Another example: today, you have 48,43 percent chance of your shell going to the inner half of the circle, in 0.8.6 it will be 70,41 percent.


  2) Vehicle camo changes

  Our camo system with multiplying visual camo coefficient and camo net coefficient has one big disadvantage, as all the systems such as this do: increasing size of the vehicle very quickly decreases the effectiveness of such devices. The decision to replace the multipliers with addition (SS: as in by adding some value instead of multiplying with it) was taken already in 2010-2011 by me, Maksim Bladyko and Pasha Vasilev (server structure architect for World of Tanks), but back then there was no visual camo coefficient (5 percent), so we didn't do it. This topic was brought up repeatedly in 2012 by L.Zacharchenko, chief game-designer for World of Tanks. Gradually, a snowball turned into an avalanche, which in the end was the reason for plans for the complete camo system rework.


  I alread wrote enough letters, but basically we did the following:


  - reworked all the camo factors in the game, based on the reference tanks (T-4, T-34) (SS: here, Zlobny probably means Panzer IV, not sure) and on extreme cases


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