- reworked the influence of shooting on camouflage, based on how it was before, but under the new system, so the "I just shot" negative modifier will be subtracted in the equation, rather than multiplied as it was now

  - reworked the camo factor of camo net and visual camo based on the type of the vehicle (not individual vehicle, as it was before)

  - reworked the camo bonus for bushes. This is a big topic, so a short version only: currently, maximum bonus from the bushes can be in 0.8.6 obtained by 4 thick bushes, instead of 2 not-thick bushes (pre 0.8.6). Furthermore, the exploit of firing thru the "non-transparent bushes" (skilled players will know about this and others don't really need to know) will be fixed completely. It is also worth noting that the battle (engaging) distance will increase by 15-20 percent.


  A collossal amount of work was done on this, there were many tests and I really like the final version.


  3) Penetration change 穿深的改变

  A very painful topic for me, I did that only very reluctantly. Generally it turned out better than I expected, I won't write much - you all saw the numbers.


  4) Arty nerf 火炮的削弱

  We did that together with Dmitry Dragunov, he fought for every split percent because I fear that we didn't nerf it enough, but I am generally satisfied by the numbers we sent to the supertest.

  我和Dmitry Dragunov一起削弱的火炮,因为我就怕砍的不够狠,所以他和我据理力争,但我认为火炮还是砍得不够狠,反正我们对发给测试服的数据还是挺满意的。

  I wanted to make arty into a more complicated class with less possibility to fight on very short distances without diminishing the influence of the arty on combat there, where it is needed. New vehicles fit in very well, but I had some issues with SU-122A and M44.


  XP buff wasn't done by me, thus I won't comment on that.


  SS: Well, that's it. As always, a summary of info from the comments, given by Zlobny and others.


  - camo skill won't be reworked (they decided it's not needed: "camo skill is more about positioning the tank by the crew better, but even if you position better, a Maus is still a Maus")


  - vehicle camo factors won't be disclosed, but from now on, they directly depend on vehicle size and class (can be estimated by sight)


  - camo skill will remain useless on big vehicles


  - it's possible American vehicles will be rebalanced in 8.7


  ......nah, cba atm, will go thru the 700 or so comments later...


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