10月16日你问我答 德系或还有第3条TD线


  - the developers discussed and rejected the idea of hiding player stats (“there would be more disadvantages than advantages”)


  - Q: “Please, can you tell me which religion forbids the devs to make the disabling of the chat in game possible?” A:”Pastafarianism”


  - it’s possible there will be no arties at all in historical battles


  - the reason the Japanese tankers have sort of American-ish names (ranks) is the same as for the Chinese tankers: 99.9 percent of the players outside of Chinese server wouldn’t be able to read the “hieroglyphs”


  - for now big maps (1500x1500m) won’t be implemented, but the devs are slowly experimenting with them already


  - destroyed tanks won’t have hit/scratch (bounce) decals on them


  - the limited maximum viewrange in the game is “a feature of the game engine”, developers will try to increase the range on which the vehicle becomes visible after being spotted (SS: as in, not your own spotting range, but the range you see the enemy someone else spotted)


  - it’s theoretically possible there will be a branch-to-branch transfer (as in, another vehicle unlockable) from StuG III to “something historical”, but it will take a very long time


  - a long time ago in one ancient German tree version, there was a vehicle called StuG E-100 Storm states that it’s the identical vehicle to current Jagdpanzer E-100 (SS: correct, StuG E-100 is the “more correct” name)


  - there will be possibly a third German TD branch, in about one year from now


  - Storm actually states (contrary to previous SerB’s statements) that there will not be exactly a “team battle” mode for tier 10′s. There will be “something else also interesting, but we won’t tell what exactly will it be for now”


  - [Kanonenjagdpanzer 4-5] is a “strange TD” according to Storm, it’s possible it might be implemented, but Storm doesn’t know where in the tree he would put it (not even as premium)


  - the gold ammo for credits has not influenced Maus and T95 significantly according to Storm, he states that for example the normalization change influenced them more, there are no plans to cancel it for now


  - when a crewmember is killed, any perks/skills that he had stop working, but apparently, if two identical role crewmembers (for example two loaders for vehicles that have them) have the same perk, the perk will still work on the second crewmember (for example the Adrenaline rush). If both crewmembers have the same skill and one is killed, the vehicle skill level will depend on the surviving crewmember (as in, if the vehicle has say two gunners and both have the Armorer skill, one has 98 percent and the other 67 percent, when both are alive, the skill level for the vehicle will be 98 percent (not cumulative or multiplying), if the 98 skill one gets killed, the Armorer level will not drop to 0, but to 67)


  - BIA will stop working when one crewmember gets killed


  - the Chinese (PRC) reaction to Type 64 was “positive”: “Kuomintang is regarded as a part of Chinese history, regardless of contemporary controversies. We should learn that from them by the way.”


  - HEAT and subcaliber shell impact looks the same way “for technical reasons”


  - apparently SU-122-44 and FCM 50t snap to smallest aim circle in the same time, although the latter should do it faster: “because of the aim spread after shooting for example”


  - apparently, Waffenträgers might come out the way they are now on the test, but Veider (the head of tank balancing department) actually states that it will be 100 percent necessery to buff WT E-100

  武器搭载车们正式放出时应该会跟现在测试服的样子一样,但Veider(坦克平衡部门领导)说了100%应该buff E-100武器搭载车

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