SS解读德系突击虎未来 是火炮还是TD?

  today, we are going to talk about the Sturmtiger branch and how special will it be in the game – or, rather, how special could it be. Please keep in mind that this is just a proposition or an idea, certainly not a WG plan or anything like that.



  I think I won’t be far from the truth when I say Sturmtiger and its branch are one of the most awaited vehicles of all times. It was scheduled for implementation even before (as you can see above, a model actually exists for quite some time, you can see the same model on the Severogorsk map as an “easter egg”), but the developers never managed to balance it properly and it has been postponed (several times in fact).


  Why is it so popular? Well, it’s because it’s very, very special. You see, Sturmtiger (that being a popular name, it was actually called Sturmmörser Tiger) was an assault gun like no other. It had a 380mm (originally marine) rocket mortar of immense power. It was concieved as the ultimate fortification destroyer and assault gun – sure, the Russians had their ISU-152 “Zveroboy” (beast-killer), but this thing created HUGE craters, levelling entire city block with a single shot.

  为啥它这么受欢迎的?因为它是如此,如此的特别。突击虎(Sturmtiger是个普遍叫法,真正的名字叫Sturmmörser Tiger)有一门独一无二的突击炮。380mm(本来是海军用)的突击炮——恩,毛子有他们的ISU-152“狩猎男孩”(野兽杀手)(动物园杀手??),但是这个炮能轰出一个大型火山口,一炮夷平城市。

  If you watched Operation Think Tank, you might know that the weapon was also exceptionally pointless – the blat was so immense that the officer who oversaw the tests noted that there is really no point for it to have such a thick armor, because in order to avoid its own shell blast, the vehicle can’t even get close to the enemy, making the armor kinda useless.


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