被搁置的卫星 英系十级重坦酋长坦克计划

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  Hello everyone,


  so, I guess you’ve already heard the news, FV215b is considered to be replaced by the Chieftain, at least that’s how Storm wrote it yesterday. However, this info (or speculations about it) is much older. The first time I heard about the plan to put the Chieftain in some form on tier 10 was as early as December 2012. I was on a meeting of the Czech community and Tuccy (back then still just a community organizer or whatever the title was) was talking about the changes to the trees. I took notes in my cellphone of what he was saying (I still have them, he for example mentioned the second French line, little did we know…) and one of the things he said is that the Chieftain would become the British tier 10 heavy tank. The next day, I wrote it on the forums (back then, there was no FTR) and the post got immediately deleted (this was one of the impulses that convinced me I need a platform of my own, so Wargaming can’t come and purge inconvenient info by the way). Next mention about it was from February 2013 and the result was “yea, we thought about that, not in immediate future” – and that was it.


  I wrote the above for you to understand that the idea is actually very old and that the Chieftain at some point “fell into the same vaporware hole” as the Sturmtiger, which sort of hints at the fact that implementing the Chieftain is problematic. But, Storm mentioned that the change might come around the end of this year, so hopefully that’s settled.


  Which Chieftain?


  So, now that this is decided, the real question is – which Chieftain will we see in the game? Originally I thought that there might be like three or four variants to pick from, including the mockups. I was wrong – there are like fifteen (maybe more) various prototypes and proposals, including the pre-production version. The most likely candidate I would say is the “P6″ prototype, that was mentioned in the past in connection with World of Tanks, simply because it stands physically in Bovington and Wargaming has access to it. This prototype was saved by Bovington from scrapping in 2011 and you can read about it here.


被搁置的卫星 英系十级重坦酋长坦克计划

  This however is by no means the only option. The pre-production Mk.1 was also mentioned as a potential candidate, along with Mk.2 (the first one to see service en masse if I remember correctly)


被搁置的卫星 英系十级重坦酋长坦克计划

  For example, one of the distinctive Chieftains is the “pike nose” Chieftain mock-up (there are proposed characteristics available for it, found in the Swedish documents).


被搁置的卫星 英系十级重坦酋长坦克计划

  This pike nose variant for example weighed 45,3 tons, was proposed with a 700hp Leyland L60 engine with the maximum speed of 41 km/h. The gun is a “120mm L/55 gyrostabilized cannon”, but we’ll get to that. Anyway, there are options. These data come from the Swedish reports, found on the Chieftain development in Swedish archives.

  这辆尖鼻子的变异版本坦克重45.3吨,拥有700马力的Leyland L60引擎,极速是41km/h。主炮是一根“120mm L/55 陀螺稳定炮”,这个后面我们还会介绍到。无论如何这只是坦克配置。这些数据是从瑞典的关于酋长的研发的文献中找到的。

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