Recently, in a new articleabout the foreign use of the T-62 tank (an interesting subject by itself, bythe way) an interesting vehicle was mentioned: the Soviet tank destroyer IT-130(along with the rather well-known IT-1 rocket tank destroyer), based on theT-62 hull. I did a quick research and here's what I found:


  In 1978, a GRU officerVladimir Rezun, known nowadays under the pseudonym of "ViktorSuvorov", defected with his family to England. Rezun worked as a militaryanalyst. Naturally, he caught the interest of British secret service, whoseofficers debriefed him. It is not clear whether "Suvorov" was (is) adouble agent for the Soviet Union or not, but basically in time it wasdiscovered he made all sorts of shit up, including two tank destroyer designs:the IT-122 and the IT-130.


  Now, the name itself is interesting. ITstands for "istrebitel tankov" - "tank destroyer". Wartimeand post-war self-propelled guns were generally referred to as "SU"("samochodnaja ustanovka" - "self-propelled gun"), the"IT" designation was generally obsolete and belonged to some pre-warproject (namely for example the IT-45, or "Soviet Hetzer", a small andcheap tank destroyer early war project, scheduled to appear in WoT next year bythe way) . Its use for post-war tank destroyer was strange.

  他们的名字本身就很有意思。IT的意思是"istrebitel tankov"(坦克歼击车)。而战时和战后的自行火炮项目都被称作SU("samochodnaja ustanovka"---自行火炮),IT的代号已经过时,只被战前的一些项目所使用(比如说IT-45,即苏联版追猎者,一个战争初期的小巧且廉价的坦克歼击车项目,计划于明年加入WoT)。IT的代号被用于一些战后的项目着实很奇怪。

  It is not known whether the Britishsecret service fell for it or not, but both designs somehow made it to thewestern literature, including Steven Zaloga's older books (Soviet Assault Guns,1983). Not much is known on Suvorov's IT-122 project, but in literature, it isoften paired with these images:




  Seen it before? Ithought so, because the vehicle on the images is the SU-122-54, a tankdestroyer based on the T-54 from mid 50's, which is already in the game as atier 9 tank destroyer of the alternative Soviet TD branch. It is my belief (andS.Zaloga's, who later corrected the information)that the SU-122-54 design got somehowmixed into the whole mess, designated IT-122 and made it eventually intovarious western literature sources. The same opinion is also shared by SerB,who at some point last year stated that the IT-122 is a fake and is in fact acase of mistaken identity of the SU-122-54. Here, a real SU-122-54 picture:

  眼熟不?这就是SU-122-54的照片,50年代中期提出的基于T-54的坦克歼击车项目,在游戏中作为苏联TD 2线的9级车。作者相信(S•扎洛也在后来改正了错误)SU-122-54不知怎么的代号变成了IT-122,并出现在多种西方文献中。SerB也持有同样的观点,在12年的某个时候就称IT-122实际上是不存在的,只是SU-122-54一个搞错的称谓。下图就是SU-122-54的实车图


  The IT-130 idea camefrom the same source. In this case, according to Suvorov's info, it is supposedto be a T-62 based tank destroyer from the 60's, equipped with a 130mm cannon,with similiar construction to the "IT-122". The only source of thecannon identity are the sketches from "Suvorov" (the followingpicture depicts the "IT-122"the “IT-130”




  The identity of the 130mmgun was not clear either, as at that time, the names of the Soviet guns werenot really known. It was reported as "M-46", but who knows...


  Either way, both ofthese tanks (under such designations) never existed. There however WAS a real ISU-130 project. Designated "Object250", it was an experimental vehicle based on the IS chassis from 1944,built at Factory No.100 under the supervision of the famous Soviet tankdesigner, J.Kotin and equipped with a naval 130mm gun, designated S-26 (theoriginal name was B-13). It was a basically an ISU-152 with a different gun(the gun was equal in power and penetration to the BL-9). Only one prototypewas ever made and tested. This is how it looked:





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