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  what follows is the transcription of answers of Anton “Evilly” Pankov, producer of World of Tanks. Most are rehashed old answers. Here’s the more interesting stuff:

  下面的是与Anton “Evilly” Pankov,WOT的出品人的的一些回答。大部分东西都只是之前的回答的翻版,但是这里列出了一些比较有意思的东西:

  - Bigworld was chosen because when the game was planned, the company was very small and there was no option of getting another engine apart from Bigworld. At first, WG wanted to do an RPG with orks based on Bigworld and server and client sides were already ready, when WG decided to switch from elves to tanks and WG continued to work with it, because it was most accessible at the time.


  - WG is currently working on chat overhaul, first will be the channels, followed by the contact list system. Players will be able to divide their contact lists into groups (close friends, platoon guys etc.), so it will become more flexible over time


  - WG is working on further conversion of the game client for Mac OS

  WG正在搞把客户端转换成Mac OS的工作

  - new version of Bigworld (in patch 0.9.7) should not reduce FPS (WG needs the new version to implement future features), in fact preliminary tests show the performance should increase due to optimizations in the engine


  - WG started working on improved tutorial to guide newbies to learn the game, a new tutorial mode is planned where players will be able to train against bots


  - 9.7 will bring new regular tanks (SS: the French)


  - WG is working on special events for 1st of April (fun mode) and mid-May (celebration of the end of the war anniversary)


  - there will also be a new mode for random battles (in summer presumably)




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  • 开发公司:wargaming
  • 运营公司:PC
  • 发行平台:PC