即将到来的捷克斯洛伐克线 LTVz.38历史


  Hello everyone,


  Today, I’d like to return to one of my favorite topics, the upcoming Czechoslovak branch (now finally confirmed by Evilly), specifically to one tank, the LT Vz.38 (also sometimes incorrectly named LT-38 but that was the fascist Slovakia designation actually). This tank will very likely appear on tier 3 if the initial Czechoslovak line - and indeed it would be hard not to have it since it was the best pre-war Czechoslovak light tank and certainly one of the best early war light tank designs in the world.

  今天,我要回到一个我钟爱的主题,即将到来的捷克斯洛伐克线(Evilly已经确认要出了)。要专门讲其中一辆坦克,就是LT Vz.38(有时候也被错误地称为LT-38,但实际上这是法西斯斯洛伐克用的名称)。这辆坦克很可能是捷克斯洛伐克初试线上的3级车。确实很难不把这辆车放进去,因为这是战前捷克斯洛伐克最优秀的轻坦,当然也是战争初期世界上最好的轻坦。


  In World of Tanks terms however, this vehicle has some issue (ironically despite the fact it was mass-produced and fought in service of multiple countries, it is possibly the most problematic vehicle to balance due to the lack of sufficient modules).


  The basic issue is this:


  We have in the game already a Panzer 38t (which is the same tank but used by the Germans with some very strange upgrades and unhistorical guns). I already wrote an article some time ago about fixing this vehicle to become historical. The thing is, Panzer 38t pretty much equals the LT Vz.38 – if we were to introduce the wartime Czechoslovak development that ended with multiple types of Panzer 38t, we’d get two absolutely identical vehicles (minus the fake guns the German one has of course). That is a problem.

  在游戏里已经有了38(t)坦克(德系的同型坦克,但有一些奇怪的升级部件,以及不历史的炮)。我曾在以前写过一篇文章(地址:http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/09/30/fixing-the-panzer-38t-tank-in-hd/),讨论如何将其改得符合历史。问题是,38(t)基本就是LT Vz.38。如果我们引入战时捷克斯洛伐克的坦克研发成果,那么结局就是另一辆38(t),完全一样(最多去掉德系车上不历史的主炮)。这是个问题。

  In order not to have a copycat vehicle in Czech colors, we need a different turret and different weaponry than the German-used 38t had, that much is obvious. This has however proven to be exceptionally difficult as the only other country that actually seriously developed the LT Vz.38 (TNH-S) was.... Sweden. In Sweden, the same vehicle was known as m/41 in its initial configuration but as the time went on, the Swedish introduced an uparmored turret that was different from the late versions of the 38t turret. So, WG could use the m/41 uparmored turret as the top turret.

  为了避免出现一辆仅仅是换了捷克涂装的克隆车,我们需要和德系38(t)不同的炮塔和武器。但这被证明是极端困难的,因为另外只有一个国家真正认真地发展了LT Vz.38(TNH-S),那就是瑞典。在瑞典,这种坦克一开始被称为m/41。但随着时间推移,瑞典研制了升级装甲的炮塔,和晚期型的38(t)不同。所以,WG可以使用m/41上升级装甲的炮塔作为顶级炮塔。

  Well, that’s what I proposed anyway. This approach however has two serious issues.


  - First, the turret is no longer Czechoslovak. The 38t advanced turrets were developed in occupied Czechoslovakia but this was a purely Swedish development.


  - Second, it doesn't solve the issue of armament.


  The armament issue in particular is quite annoying. You see, pretty much all the guns the Panzer 38t have are unhistorical. The only truly historical weapon is the 37mm Škoda A7, also known as KwK 38(call) in German service, the stock gun of ingame Panzer 38t. The other guns (20mm or 47mm) were not even proposed for the chassis. There are historical options for alternative Czechoslovak guns - the 37mm A3 and 37mm A8. I won’t bother you with details but both guns are performance-wise worse than the A7 (although in the game, the A7 is underpowered). Another option would be the Swedish Bofors 37mm but that gun is worse than the A7 as well and without the m/41 turret it would make absolutely no sense.

  武器的问题确实非常烦人。如你所见,几乎38(t)的所有主炮都是不历史的。唯一真正符合历史的只有37mm斯柯达A7,德国人称之为KwK 38,也就是游戏中38(t)的白板炮。而其他炮(20mm或47mm),甚至连将其装到该型坦克上的提案都未曾有过。虽然有其他符合历史的捷克斯洛伐克火炮可选,也就是37mm A3和37mm A8。我不想用细节问题来烦你,但这两门炮的性能都比不上A7炮(而在游戏中,A7炮已经太弱)。另一个选择是瑞典博福斯37mm,但这门炮同样比A7差。而且装在非m/41的炮塔上也不合理。

  Anyway, back to the turret.


  Took some digging and some compromises but in the end, the solution was found – and it’s this:



  Well, okay, not THIS in particular. This is a 1947 project of a Škoda A24 47mm automatic gun in a special turret able to fit to the TNH chassis. The thing is, on tier 3, this gun would be OP as hell (think 90-100mm penetration) – luckily, this was not the only gun Škoda produced. It had a smaller sister, the 37mm A23, which is basically the same gun, just downscaled to 37mm (with cca 60-70mm penetration in WoT terms), also automatic. And this is the right top gun for the LT Vz.38.

  实际上不是这个。上图所示是1947年的一个项目,一个特殊的炮塔,装斯柯达A24 47mm机关炮,可用于TNH底盘。问题是,就3级车来说,这门炮强得过分(穿深90-100mm)。但幸运的是,这并不是斯柯达制造的唯一一种火炮。它有个更小的姊妹版,37mm A23,基本上就是同一门炮,只是口径降到了37mm(就游戏来说,穿深约60-70mm),同样也是机关炮。适合用于LT Vz.38的顶级炮。

  It’s not unhistorical either – these guns were meant for the TNH chassis and the smaller one (after some quick checks with a ruler) would fit the original 38t turret – or the enlarged one as seen on the picture above. The 47mm gun mentioned above also had a bigger sister, the 57mm A25 – that’s the main weaponry of the TNH 57/900 light tank but that would be waaaaaaay too OP for tier 3.

  这两种炮都是历史的。这些炮都是为TNH底盘设计的,(用尺简单量了一下)较小的那个应该能用于原本的38(t)炮塔。上面提到的47mm炮还有一个更大口径的姊妹炮,57mm A25炮,是TNH 57/900轻型坦克(译注:介绍文章链接:http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/02/04/tnh-57900-possible-czechoslovak-tier-5-light-tank/)的主炮,但这对于3级车来说,就太太太强了。

  In short, what we have now is this:


  Stock turret – LT Vz.38 with 37mm A3 and A7 guns

  白板炮塔:LT Vz.38炮塔,装37mm A3或A7主炮

  Elite turret – the TNH 37/900 (as I call it) turret from the drawing above with the A7 and A23 automatic 37mm.

  顶级炮塔:如上图所示的THN 37/900炮塔(我起的名字),装A7或A23 37mm机关炮。

  The A23 properties are as such:


  Caliber: 37mm(口径)

  AP shell weight: 0.85 kg(AP弹重)

  HE shell weight: 0.825 kg(HE弹重)

  Muzzle velocity AP: 900 m/s(AP弹炮口初速)

  Muzzle velocity HE: 915 m/s(HE弹炮口初速)

  Barrel length: 2415mm (L/67)(身管长)

  Recoil: 90mm(后座距离)

  Depression/Elevation (TNH mount): -5/+25(俯仰角)

  Penetration at 1000m (60 deg): 46mm(1000m穿深,60度)

  Weight with empty autoloader: 380 kg(重,含空的自动装弹机)

  Weight of three rounds in a batch: 6.5 kg(三发一组的炮弹重)

  If you are interested in the 47mm and 57mm guns, I wrote them as well here:


  So, the LT Vz.38 will be different from the Panzer 38t after all :)

  这样LT Vz.38就和38(t)不一样了。



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